Overcoming Self doubt

What is the key to overcoming self doubt?

The dirty little truth about the human condition is that we all fear that we are 'not enough'. Every one of us feels this way on some level.

Managing Self-doubt

Self-doubt, fear and anxiety are all very closely related. Living your life this way is a habit. It is a habit that can be crippling at times, but the good news is that you can neutralize many of these self-destructive thought patterns by replacing them with new, self nurturing productive patterns. Fill the newly created void with something better.

These cognitive changes are achievable, but they require diligence and consistency on the part of the person hoping to achieve them. Often there are significant changes to be noted after one and a half months. But, it requires an ongoing effort to avoid slipping back into the older, well engrained habits.

Investing time and effort to break bad habits is the only way to achieve desired changes, like overcoming self-doubt.

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If there is a monster in the closet (in this case, self-doubt), you must slay it to be permanently rid of it. If you don't face and slay your personal demons, they remain ever present, lurking in the shadows.

In much the same way that a person with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (like anorexia or bulimia) holds a distorted view of their body, anxiety and self-doubt live and breed within that same gap between faulty perception and reality.

It hijacks one's ability for rational thought and replaces it with the emotions of fear, panic and a sense of unworthiness.

Advice for Overcoming Self doubt

Retrain yourself to use your conscious mind to catch your own irrational thoughts. When those faulty thoughts begin to trigger the familiar feelings of fear and anxiety, stop everything for a moment.

  • Pause to take a few deep breaths and then go down the list of issues and measure them one at a time against reality.
  • Carefully separate reality from your imagination run amuck, and view things through this new, more accurate lens.
  • Acknowledge your fears, face them head on and finish them off.

Practice makes perfect. Bad habits are neither formed nor resolved in one singular moment, but the past need not be prelude to the future.

The opportunity for greatness is found in that place where fear and dreams collide. Feel the fear. Acknowledge it. Then take a leap of faith and do it anyway.

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