In Search of The Best Parenting Advice

As parents we are constantly on the alert for what we think is the best parenting advice, so as to do a good job in raising our kids. Long before I had any kids of my own, I remember my sister saying, "The challenge of being a parent is that by the time you know whether or not you did a good job it's too late to do it any differently."

Which Advice Should Parents Trust?

What makes a parent good and what is the best parenting advice? Untold volumes have been written on this topic, and the expert opinions are widespread and diverse.

Let's take the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) approach to make better sense of things. Intellectuals, scholars and philosophers all have ideas that have some merit. But, as is most often the case in real life, there is no substitute for common sense.

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10 Commandments for Parents

Below are my ten commandments and some of my best parenting advice:

  1. Know Thy Child - Every newborn begins life with a distinct personality and temperament. Get to know yours from Day 1. It makes it easier to recognize and understand them later.
  2. Love Thy Child - Love makes up for a multitude of other sins.
  3. Teach Thy Child How to Think - Teaching them how to think is of greater value than telling them what to think.
  4. Lead Thy Child by Example - You will still Make some mistakes along the way, but they are likely to recognize and appreciate that you have made an honest and consistent effort.
  5. Allow Thy Child to Make Mistakes - And, help them learn and strategize better from the experience.
  6. Love Thy Child for Who They Are - Try to embrace, accept and encourage your child to be their own best version of themselves. Don't try to make them over in your own (or anyone else's) image.
  7. Laugh With Thy Child Regularly - A good sense of humor is a great coping skill, and the bonds forged with laughter are priceless.
  8. Set and Enforce Reasonable Boundaries With Thy Child - You have to pick and prioritize your battles. Most kids like knowing where those boundaries are (even if they overstep them regularly). They will fight tooth and nail to have a voice as they grow older, but (much as they may think otherwise) they don't want to be fully in charge and responsible.
  9. Allow Thy Child to Face Natural Consequences - That is one of the best ways to prepare them to function in the real world.
  10. Remember Thine Own Experiences and Speak Thy Truth - Time tends to make us nostalgic and it colors everything with a rosy tint. Growing up is and has always been difficult. In an age appropriate way, discuss things honestly with your kids to help them learn how to make wise choices.

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