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I'm a CTA Certified coach with a background in Ericksonian therapy, human needs psychology, general psychology and strategic intervention. I am the proud (and exhausted) mother of three daughters and one stepson.

I have a lifelong interest in art, philosophy and human behavior.

Like most people my age, I've lived many different lives. I've been married and I've been a single mother (the skills for which I had to learn on-the-fly). I've experienced love and loss. I've brought new life into the world and I've had to let go and say good-bye to loved ones as their lives have drawn to a close.

I've survived sudden, dramatic life changes, and I am a better person as a result of it.

I'm a good student of life. I lead and teach by example.

I have survived menopause and have fought the battle with mid-life weight gain and won.

I live an interesting and good life. I intend to make the next part of my life the best part of my life. I intend to live more freely and fearlessly than ever before. And, you can too.

Instead of asking why, ask why not. Instead of fearing the unknown, have faith that you can and will handle whatever life hands you with integrity and grace.

Continue to accept responsibility and hold true to core values and beliefs. But, there is a great big life awaiting, and it can be lived with the intention of experiencing it fully or die trying.

A Brief Word About My Logo

My logo is the Tree of Life. In order to flourish in life, you must stand firmly within your own truth, as a tree has deep roots to provide a firm foundation to weather life's storms.

The trunk of the tree provides support. While it's steady, it is flexible enough to adjust to changing conditions, so it will not be uprooted or snap at the slightest breeze.

The branches are where life grows and blooms. Life coaching supports you as you identify and live your best life.

My Mission Statement

Together we'll uncover and refine your own highest values. Those values become the foundation (your roots) to build the life you want.

I will challenge, support and hold you accountable for your growth, and we'll find the best way to help you grow and blossom into your own best self, create the life of your dreams and live it powerfully.

Contact me if you have questions!

All the best,
Cindy Housefield

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